To tackle this issues of uprising e-waste and improper disposal, Government of India has set up new rules and regulations. The Extended Producer Responsibility has imposed all manufacturer to take responsibility for recycling and disposal of their e-waste.We at Virogreen India Pvt Ltd provide complete e–waste solutions to every manufacturer, irrespective of the genre of their business line.

An extensive solution for your e-waste management

Complete e-waste solutions: We handles all your e-waste tasks such as


we collect e-waste from retailers, pick up points, warehouses, sellers and all other possible resources. We also buy e-waste from the different organization, for example, Virogreen is known among the top e-waste buyers in Chennai.


we guarantee you the safe transportation of all the e-waste from the pickup zone till it reaches to our operation center.


we ensure full safety of the environment and workers by following all the government rules and regulation while storing e-wastes by safely handling the components and checking the leakage or spillage of products.


we segregate all the elements by their type, chemical compositions, end of life products and parts that can be salvaged.


we extract all the precious metal with the help of our skilled workers. We successfully extract all the gold, aluminum, silvers and other metal items from old circuits, motherboards, etc., from other electronic and electrical items.


we take all the salvaged part and recycle it for further use. Those recycled part can be utilized for the resalable purpose or can be utilized as raw materials for remanufacturing purpose.


Rest of the items such as non-recyclable items are then safely disposed to minimize the environmental impact as much as possible.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic is a product that has no end of life cycle. So we in Virogreen try our best to recycle plastic products by turning them into reusable products. Extending the life cycle of plastic is the best way to avoid environmental pollution. Most of the time e-scrap buyers in Chennai buy plastics from other sources for recycling.

Data erasure and Data Destruction

Sometimes data from a hard drive can still be extracted even after it has been erased or there are illegal parties who collect valuable and classified information from drives post they find them from garbage. In this regard, we at Virogreen provide the best data destruction services complying government norms and also with our state-of-the-art data erasure technology, accessing a non-recovering data deletion service will be very cost effective for you.

Additional Benefits you will receive

  • ImprovedBrand Image by going green
  • Practical solutions with lower price
  • Hassle-free completion of task without your intervention
  • Integration of skilled labor force
  • Timely completion of the task

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